The Kerberos Keytabfile

During my debuggingsessions while trying to make mod_auth_kerb and Windows KDC work I needed to have closer looks into the Kerberos keytabfiles, but nowhere found any common information. So here come my (incomplete) results that helped me debugging the setupprocess of mod_auth_kerb.

The table shows the bytepositions of keytabfilecontent

Please let me know if you can add more informations to that table!

principalname and other stuffkeytypekeylenghthkey
...22field keylenght(8)
  • 0x0001 if DES-CBC-CRC
  • 0x0003 if DES-CBC-MD5

In case of mod_auth_kerb and Windows KDC DES-CBC-MD5 is the only possible value here!

length of key (8 in this case)the key

Author: Achim Grolms, modkerbtut@grolmsnet.de Feel free to send me corrections and feedback!

last update 2005-08-05