Achim Grolms:

using negotiate authentication (GSSAPI Kerberos) with Firefox

The Firefox Browser supports transparent Negotiate (GSSAPI Kerberos) authentication, on

  • Windows using the
  • other OS (Linux, *BSD, ...) by using a GSSAPI lib like MIT Kerberos or Heimdal.
  • See http://negotiateauth.mozdev.org/ for more details.

    I am using working setups of Firefox negotiate authentication against

    But out of the box the Firefox negotiate authentication is disabeled, to make it work you have to configure your Firefox Browser to use the negotiate authentication first.

    1. Start firefox, enter


      to the address field.

    2. choose the network.negotiate-auth.trusted-uris parameter, set this value to the domain or machine name you want to activate Negotiate for.

      Screenshot of about:config window

      The example screenshot activates Negotiate authentication for all machines in DNS domain fsc.net

    Thanks to Karsten Künne for that hint!

    last update 2006-05-26